EXO-M’s Tao rumored to be leaving SM Entertainment


News started spreading on Chinese social networking platform Weibo that EXO‘s Chinese member Tao might be leaving SM Entertainment.

A gossip Weibo page started the rumor on the night of March 2nd, which wrote, “EXO’s member Huang Zitao nullifies his contract with SM Entertainment and signs with Huayi Brothers. He will also star in the movie version of ‘My Sunshine’ (aka He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo/ Silent Separation).”

Although it is true that Tao has joined the casts in the Chinese movie which will be released on May 1st, there has been no official statement that Tao has left SM Entertainment or has signed with Huayi Brothers.

The manager of Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming denied the rumors, stating, “False news could also be sold as widely-spread news, looks like some organization is having some plans. We should just quietly film a good movie. @Huangxiaoming @Huangzitao.” He also attached a photo of a Chinese character that read “Go away.

Huang Xiaoming is signed under Huayi Brothers and is also acting alongside Tao in the same Chinese movie, hence was rumored to be the one who connected Tao with a contract in China.

Not only have Tao and Huang Xiaoming spent much time in China together, when Huang Xiaoming went to Korea on a vacation with girlfriend Angelababy, Tao also accompanied them to go shopping.

“Tao contract nullification” has also been trending on Weibo, as many are currently discussing the topic.

Meanwhile, EXO is preparing for a comeback and is expected to introduce their comeback track at their upcoming concert EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion.

Tao leaving EXO rumor

Tao leaving EXO rumor

Tao leaving EXO rumor

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EXO MV Filming


EXO‘s comeback has officially begun with the news of the group’s recent completion in filming their music video that only took three days to complete. 

Music officials confirmed on March 3rd that EXO had indeed completed filming the music video for their title track recently, quickly wrapping up in three days time starting on March 1st. In addition, the group will be returning with their 2nd studio album as well, and are currently wrapping up and finalizing details for their comeback.

The popular male idol group was originally scheduled to make a comeback in January, but it was postponed until March. This will also be the first album the group has released as a 10-member group following the leave of Kris and Luhan, as well as the first studio album since XOXO in June 2013.

Meanwhile, EXO is preparing to debut their comeback song as well as unreleased tracksto fans during their upcoming five-day concert EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion held at the Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul on March 7th through 8th and March 13th through 15th. Following their Seoul concert stops, EXO will travel to Hanoi, Vietnam to participate in the KBS Music Bank special to perform their new tracks off their upcoming new album.

The concert production is also directed under SM Entertainment‘s own performance director and BeatBurger member Shim Jae Won, raising even further anticipation.

In related news, fans have suspected the group’s comeback track to be “Call Me Daddy,” which prompted the phrase to trend worldwide.

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“Most Influential Celebrity” -Forbes Korea


Global sensation idol boy group EXO was ranked first on Forbe Korea‘s “2015 Korea Power Celebrity 40″ list.

For this year’s list, Forbes Korea selected 100 candidates who participated in various fields of the entertainment industry, including film, drama, variety, music and sports, based on the search rankings from portal sites Daum and Kakao. They also used last year’s sales, media exposure, broadcasting activites, and level of professionalism as the criteria in selecting the TOP40. Out of those four categories, EXO was ranked within TOP10 and just last year, the group made it to TOP5.

The list first started back in 2009, and is Forbes Korea’s 7th year to release this list.

Despite debuting only four years ago, EXO has taken home many awards, including “Best Album” and “Best Male Group” Award from 2014 SBS Gayo Daejun, “Album of the Year” for their second mini-album Overdose from the 2014 MAMA for the second time in a row. More recent awards include the “Disk Daesang” and “Disk Bonsang” Award from the 2015 29th Golden Disk Award.

Due to having two sub-groups with one based in China, they have also won many Chinese awards including at the 14th Huading for “Best International Group Award” and the 2014 Youku Night for “Asia Influential Group Award” and “Hottest Male Group Award.”

It’s only natural for this monster group to be overtaking the entertainment industry as many of its members have been promoting in various fields, such as D.O in the film Cart,Chen singing the OST song “Best of Luck” for the drama It’s Okay, That’s Love (which D.O also took part in), Baekhyun and Suho as SBS Ingikayo hosts and Chanyeol participating in variety show Roommate.

Furthermore, they also took part in variety shows in China, such as Happy Camp. With their large and international fanbase, it is no surprise that the group has received such high status and worldwide recognition in the entertainment industry.

There have been some rumors that Chinese member Tao will be leaving EXO. Nevertheless, the group has hinted a comeback with a demo. Furthermore, it was reported that the group has finished filming their comeback music video.

EXO will be holding a concert EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium over the course of five days (March 7th-8th, 13th-15th).

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Kris joined We Got Married China


Mainland China will soon be launching their own version of Korea’s popular reality show,We Got Married, this April, starring Kris (Wu Yifan).

There will be three newlyweds chosen for the show, including singing sensation Lu Xu, Chinese fashion model Wen Liu paired with Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan. Kris’ bride-to-be will be Chinese actress Yan Tang, who is now pursuing solo activities, starring as the lead actor in the recently released film, Somewhere We Only Know.

Nevertheless, Kris is in the spotlight again with fans’ anticipation for his appearance in the TV show. Netizens have been playfully mocking the paired stars (Kris and Yan), as she is known to be a ‘Male God Specialist’, due to her previous collaborations with top male stars, including Hong Kong actor and recording artist Wallace Chung, Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau and Chinese actor, singer and model Li Yi Feng.

The program will by broadcast through Jiangsu Satellite TV and renamed, We Love Each Other. It will include the original segments from the Korean We Got Married, such as visiting friends and relatives, parents, etc. However, it will infuse aspects of traditional Chinese culture so that the Mainland audience will be more able to relate to the show.

There was also recent controversy for the young actor and singer surrounding the leaked photos of himself together with his alleged ex-girlfriend, although those rumors were later disproved. Luhan has also expressed sadness with the alleged cancellation of his reunion with Kris.

Previously, Jiangsu Satellite TV stated that Korean actor and model Kim Woo Bin andLee Jong Suk were included in the lineup of guests. However, the two celebrities havedenied those rumors. Woo Bin was recently seen in a video wearing suits for Sieg Fahrenheit campaign. Jong Suk was also shooting a “Millet” CF with Korean actress Park Shin Hye as a couple.

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Fandom Power


To commemorate EXO‘s third anniversary since their debut in 2012, EXO-L‘s have once again come together, this time to donate to Busan’s Comfort Women History Museum.

In recent years, the fandom culture in South Korea has shifted their gifts toward donations in the name of their idol groups. EXO-L’s are a prime example of this change as they have begun a fundraising initiative to prepare for their large donation to the museum.

Anyone can participate using the first free celebrity support app named “Fan Hearts” and can donate to the fundraiser until April 3rd when donations will close.

The Busan Comfort Women History Museum has faced many instances where they were almost forced to close their doors due to the lack of donations and funding as the museum does not charge an admission fee. The city of Busan withdrew their funding and the owner of the property raised the rent causing an increase in financial burden as well.

Following the new wave of generous donations from fanclubs, EXO-L’s decided to do something meaningful in the name of EXO and decided to donate money to the Busan museum.

Because of the simplicity and accessibility of “Fan Hearts,” many students who are struggling financially were able to participate in the heartwarming movement.

One of the regular donor’s of the museum thanked fans saying, “I’m a regular donor and I heard from the people that run the museum that they are always lacking in money because the museum is free of charge. They were looking for more donors and EXO-L did this..thank you so much..thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”.

EXO-L’s will be celebrating EXO’s third anniversary on April 8th and are currently anticipating EXO’s first comeback as a 10-member group. Dedicated fans have even dug up leaked music video schedules, which gave rise to rumors that the new single would be called “Call Me Daddy.”

SM Entertainment has confirmed that EXO quickly finished up their music video shoot in three days, and are currently preparing for their second concert tour EXO Planet #2: Exo’LuXion which will kick off in Seoul on Saturday, March 7th. It has also beenconfirmed by member Lay that the group will be debuting their comeback track through their concert.


Source: Nate (Pann)

Do Kyung Soo


It has been revealed that EXO member D.O (Do Kyung Soo) is in the running for the Best Newcomer award for this year’s ‘9th Annual Asian Film Awards.’

On February 25, the official website for the awards ceremony unveiled the full list of nominees for each one of the various categories.

D.O has been included in the list of nominations for the category of Best Newcomer for his role in his first-ever big screen debut production, “Cart.” He will be competing for the title against China’s Zhang Hui Wen (“Coming Home”), Hong Kong’s Ivana Wong (“Golden Chickensss”), Japan’s Tosaka Hiroomi (“Hot Road”), and Taiwan’s Zhan Huai Yun (“Meeting Dr. Sun”).

In the film “Cart,” D.O took on the role of a rebellious teenager named Tae Young and earned a positive response for his acting abilities.

Meanwhile, the ‘Asian Film Awards’ will be opening up in Macau on March 25.