Kris joined We Got Married China


Mainland China will soon be launching their own version of Korea’s popular reality show,We Got Married, this April, starring Kris (Wu Yifan).

There will be three newlyweds chosen for the show, including singing sensation Lu Xu, Chinese fashion model Wen Liu paired with Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan. Kris’ bride-to-be will be Chinese actress Yan Tang, who is now pursuing solo activities, starring as the lead actor in the recently released film, Somewhere We Only Know.

Nevertheless, Kris is in the spotlight again with fans’ anticipation for his appearance in the TV show. Netizens have been playfully mocking the paired stars (Kris and Yan), as she is known to be a ‘Male God Specialist’, due to her previous collaborations with top male stars, including Hong Kong actor and recording artist Wallace Chung, Hong Kong actor and singer Hawick Lau and Chinese actor, singer and model Li Yi Feng.

The program will by broadcast through Jiangsu Satellite TV and renamed, We Love Each Other. It will include the original segments from the Korean We Got Married, such as visiting friends and relatives, parents, etc. However, it will infuse aspects of traditional Chinese culture so that the Mainland audience will be more able to relate to the show.

There was also recent controversy for the young actor and singer surrounding the leaked photos of himself together with his alleged ex-girlfriend, although those rumors were later disproved. Luhan has also expressed sadness with the alleged cancellation of his reunion with Kris.

Previously, Jiangsu Satellite TV stated that Korean actor and model Kim Woo Bin andLee Jong Suk were included in the lineup of guests. However, the two celebrities havedenied those rumors. Woo Bin was recently seen in a video wearing suits for Sieg Fahrenheit campaign. Jong Suk was also shooting a “Millet” CF with Korean actress Park Shin Hye as a couple.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan



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