Tao Facts


  • A day after Luhan, SM revealed the 3rd member which is Tao (December 28, 2011).
  • Huang Zi Tao ( ) is the full name of Tao (타오).
  • English name for Tao is Edison Huang. Perhaps he chose the ‘Edison’ because his idol is Edison Chen.
  • Netizens in China gave him nickname ‘Peach’.
  • Tao was born on May 2, 1993. Height ± 183-185cm, and weighs 70kg
  • Tao likes drinking Starbucks Coffee.
  • In contrast to Luhan, Tao is a trainee who frequently bullied.
  • Tao likes taking care of his health, so he diligently exercise.
  • Tao can speak English, Cantonese, and of course Mandarin.
  • His hobby is playing basketball and singing, he is also good at rapping, you know, he had won several rap competitions.
  • He already has studying wushu for 11 years, so we can’t doubt his wushu skill.
  • His favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant.
  • Tao likes Paris, he also likes Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Tao prefer having cats over other animals. And reportedly he takes care of a black cat.
  • His favorite color is blue, and his handphone case is blue and white color.
  • Edison Chen, Jackie Chan, HotDog Mc, and Shawn Carter is his idol.
  • People says Tao is conservative. He always holding to his principles.
  • For Tao there’s no impossibility in the world, that is his principle.
  • Tao prefers to exercise alone.
  • Tao join the SME in 2010. he became a trainee just one year.
  • Tao is positioned as Main Rapper and included in the subgroup of EXO-M. 



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