Xiumin Facts


  • After Lay, SM revealed the 7th member, Xiu Min.
  • Xiu Min positioned as Lead Vocalist, and into subgroups EXO-M.
  • Xiu Min (씨우민) his full name is Kim Min Seok (김민석)
  • Xiu Min was born on March 26, 1990. ± 176cm height.
  • Xiu Min really like singing and dancing too. He has a movement that is rated ‘Excellent’.
  • Xiu Min also good at martial arts. He could do taekwondo, wushu, fencing can.
  • Many Netizens commented that he is a male version of Sohee ‘Wonder Girls’.
  • Xiu Min had a lot of fanboys in China. Because according to them, Xiu Min was cute, handsome, and ‘manly’.
  • Xiu Min ever mentioned by Amber f(x) on the album ‘Pinocchio’.
  • Xiu Min is called ‘Minseokie-oppa’ by Amber.
  • And he was nicknamed ‘Lil Fattie’ by his fans in China
  • Xiu Min won SM Everysing Contest in 2008, he was able to win the 2nd winner.

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