Lay Facts


  • Lay is the 6th member revealed by SM.
  • Lay is positioned as the main dancer, and entered the EXO-M subgroups.
  • Lay (레이) his full name is Zhang Yi Xing ( ).
  • Lay was born on October 7, 1991. ± 179cm height.
  • Lay is a hardworking-type and diligent person. He can exercise until 3 am.
  • Because of his hard work, Lay is chosen by SM to substitute Jonghyun at SHINee World Concert in Japan.
  • At the SWC, replacing Jonghyun, Lay was dancing Lucifer.
  • Lay’s hometown is Changsha, Hunan (China).
  • Lay got the third winner in the TV Star Academy in 2005.
  • His hobbies are singing, listening to music and sleeping.
  • Lay really like to talk ‘Yes, of course.’
  • For Lay, mother and grandmother are the most important people in his life.
  • Lay likes to play basketball. And according to him the shameful thing from playing basketball is acting cool.
  • Lay regarded himself as the ‘biggest competitors’.
  • If he gets stress he would choose listening to music or having a shower.
  • Lay has been well known since childhood, because once he frequently appears on TV Show.
  • When he joined the singing contest, he is asked by MC, what to do with the money he wins? And Lay replied ‘To assist grandmothers in order to quickly recover’
  • Lay also good at playing piano and guitar.

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